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Empire State Metal Detector Association Membership
The Empire State Metal Detectors Association is open to new members at any time throughout the year. If you are interested in metal detecting and want to see what the club is all about, feel free to stop by one of our regularly scheduled meetings.
Meeting dates are posted in our monthly newsletter, just click the "Newsletter" tab above. For directions to a meeting simply click the "Directions" tab for the information you need.
Decided to join? Please print out the form below and bring it with your payment to any meeting. Some forms are available at the meetings also, be sure to ask the club Treasurer.
Empire State Metal Detector Association By-laws
Mission Statement 
The name of this organization shall be the Empire State Metal Detector Association. Its primary purpose is to be a social outlet to those interested in metal detecting and to provide fellowship, promote education, and encourage metal detecting as a hobby. The membership shall abide by the Metal Detectors code of ethics.  
Metal Detectors Code of Ethics
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