September 25, 2021 


Annual Club Hunt and Picnic


Our annual club hunt and picnic will be held on Saturday, September 25th this year.  Normally, the hunt is held on the second Saturday of September.  This year however marks the 20th anniversary of the tragedies that happened on 9-11-01.  Friends, family, coworkers, police, firefighters and first responders were lost during the initial terrible event and during rescue/recovery efforts.  Many members of the club will be taking time that day to be with others to mourn the loss of these lives and to comfort each other.  Because numerous members expressed their difficulty with the date of this year’s club hunt, an urgent email alert was sent to our membership and an online poll was taken.  A new date was chosen based on those responses.  The majority of responses showed that most members could attend on Sept. 25th.  The unfortunate down side to this is that almost any dates this year would not be good for all members.  We are truly sorry to those who cannot attend!   

As was mentioned in the June in-person meeting, the cost of silver has prompted us to make changes in the hunt fees this year. A vote was taken and the new hunt fees are as follow:  

Hunt fee received by July 26, 2021:  

$90 per member in good standing      $110 for Non-members 

Hunt fee received after July 26, 2021:  


$110 per member in good standing            $130 for Non-members 

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