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Our Team

Hello, the team of club officers (or board members) consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. These officers work throughout the year (not just at the club meetings) to make the club the best it can and to assure that all members learn about the fantastic hobby of metal detecting and improve their skills and opportunities for finding great locations and great finds.


The board members are nominated by club members at the February meeting of each year. These nominees are published in the March newsletter and then voted upon at the April meeting of each year by paid in full, voting members.


Along with the club officers we often use members to chair and participate in one or more committees. We are always looking for volunteers for these committees and could use you help and expertise.

Bob Francis, President

I am the Club President and have been a member for close to 10 years. It's a great hobby that I enjoy almost all year round. I am quite busy with work so, I detect on vacation, a little on weekends and a few individual weekdays scattered throughout the year. I mostly concentrate on beaches and back yards but love it when the opportunity arises to get out onto some older properties.

Lisa Stanko pic.jpeg
Lisa Stanco 

I am the current club Secretary.  I have been an active club member for several years.  I began Metal Detecting in 2010.  I absolutely love the hobby and go out detecting, in search of relics, every chance I get.  I just love when my detector goes beep, the anticipation of what the item might be, and the thrill of not knowing until you pull it out of the hole.  And, it doesn’t stop with the beep.  Once you dig the target up, then you get to research and find out the history behind the item.

Club Hunt Committee

This committee always welcomes assistance in preparing for the Annual Club Hunt and Picnic. From finding and talking to potential sponsors to organizing volunteers for setting up the fields, planting the coins and organizing the food and day's events. 

Leo White, Vice President

I am the Vice President. I am happy to be a part of this great group of people who enjoy finding some amazing treasures that the past has left for us. I’ve been collecting coins and watches for most of my life. When I was younger, I always wanted to metal detect. However, I made too many excuses not to do so. What a mistake. Not only did I find all my money back in the first year, I also found so many wonderful treasures. I find it incredible to discover a hundred- year-old silver coin, a gold ring, a vintage military item or just the usual clad. I can only imagine the awesome gifts that I would have found had I begun this hobby much earlier in life. It’s also relaxing to be surrounded by our natural environments such as, an open field, farmland, a wooded area or a beautiful park. I believe that metal detecting is not just about finding some great things below the ground. Sometimes, I find it just as enjoyable seeing the great outdoors and wildlife that we encounter. I am looking forward to working with Bob, Lisa, Marie and all of our members.

Marie Fryc 

I'm currently the Club Treasurer and have been active in the club for numerous years. My detector is a Garrett AT Pro and I love detecting.  The club hunt is something I look forward to every year.  I also look forward to the meetings every month they are always interesting and informative.

Program Committee

This committee is always open to suggestions for topics for our monthly meetings. Along with topics we also welcome potential speakers. If you have a topic or know someone that might be a speaker that the club might be interested in please contact a committee member or one of your club officers.

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