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The March 30th meeting is being cancelled out of concern for our members and guests. The Board feels that it is in the best interest of all that might attend the meeting.

We are planning to hold the April meeting at the Gateway Diner if the crisis lessens. 


Please be safe and we hope that you, your families and friends get through this crisis and can join us at future meetings and attend the Annual Club Hunt and Picnic.

Here is a link to find EPA approved tick repellents.

The Empire State Metal Detectors Club is supported by several other clubs in the northeast. Please look at our Hodge Podge page to see more information, go to their website links and to check any upcoming club events.

These sponsors all contribute to making our club

and our hunting a success. 

Our sincere thanks to all our sponsors. Their contributions help make this club what it is.


When you have a chance please visit our sponsors and see what new and exciting products they may have to help us perform our best in the fields, farms, beaches, woods and backyards of our state.

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Empire State Metal Detector Association
Currently has no official Facebook page.

There are several Facebook pages out there that cater to Metal Detector enthusiasts. If you find one you like, please comply with their posting policies and rules.

As a member of the Empire State Metal Detector Association, you should always be courteous and don't engage in malicious or hurtful behavior. Like you, people that post to these sites want to display their finds, get constructive criticism and continue to learn from others about this hobby we all enjoy.