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Where do all your detecting finds end up?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

We are all here for the same reason, we love metal detecting.  The thrill of the chase, the joy of finding an item, any old item really.  Buttons, buckles, coins, jewelry, any old relic.  They all seem to bring me the same sort of thrill.  The fun part is searching for and digging up all your metal detecting finds.  The challenge comes with what you do with them all.  At the end of the day we all end up bringing home loads of metal detecting finds.  Sure the junk you recycle or dispose of properly.  I'm sure some of the items you give away or give back to the homeowner.  There really is nothing more rewarding then returning treasured trinkets to their original owner. And, I'm sure that all the clad gets spent.  But, what do you do with all the rest?  After awhile it starts to add up. Do you sell your detecting finds?  Do you display them or stash them away in storage boxes?

Personally, I have never sold any of my own metal detecting finds.  Partly, maybe because most of my finds aren't worth diddly squat.  I know some people sell their finds.  It can be a way to earn some extra money all while participating in a hobby that you love. And if your lucky who knows you might just find something really valuable.

Whether you display your finds or store them away I guess all depends on individual preference.  I've always been a firm believer that items that bring you happiness should be out on display for you to enjoy.  Life is too short.  If it has the power to make you feel good, why not put it out in the spotlight?  Display cabinets or shelving units are a great way to show off your finds.  Collections generally look best when they are grouped together.  I believe that putting your finds out on display gives you the opportunity to appreciate them even more.  Display cabinets or shelves also allow you easy access to all your metal detecting finds.  There can be a downside to that though I suppose.  It is often difficult to ensure the safety and security of your items that are out on display.

I know quite a few people who keep their collection of metal detecting finds stored away or locked up.  And there are certainly benefits if you do.  Safely storing your finds reduces the likelihood of them getting damaged by natural wear, sun exposure, or ultraviolet light.  It's only natural that you would want to protect them.  You can also sleep more soundly knowing that your finds are safe from pirates who might want to plunder or pillage them. As a general rule you should protect your detecting finds, especially the more valuable ones, from surface scratches and exposure to substances that could damage them.  It's also a good idea to store or display your finds in a relatively dry environment.  I think most people would agree that plastic storage devices or display cases are a must.  There are so many options out there that I'm sure you can find one that meets both your needs and wants.

I would really love to hear more about what you do with all your metal detecting finds.  You can leave a comment in the section below or post a picture of your own display.  This is my last blog post of 2020.  I hope you have a wonderful New Year and I wish you good fortune filling your display cases or storage boxes, whichever it is you prefer, with lots of treasures in 2021!

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