Dare to Dream Big!

It seems as though people who metal detect are obsessed with the term bucket list. You see the term posted in the forums all the time. I couldn't even begin to tell you the number of times I've seen it listed in the title of a youtube video. I hear constant talk about all these bucket list finds that people are out there discovering. Until recently, I haven't given the concept a whole lot of thought. The highly overused term always seems to bring up memories of a below average movie. The concept behind a bucket list though actually seems quite great and kind of inspiring. A list of coveted items you desire and dream about finding.

I've been told that it means so much more when you find an item that you have wished for, fantasized of, and dreamed about discovering. Until recently, I haven't taken the time to actually sit and ponder what it is I dream most about finding with my metal detector. Metal detecting, in general, just makes me happy. I love that you never know what you're going to dig up next. I still get excited when I dig common everyday finds like modern silver, crotal bells, or old flat buttons. When you find an item that you have never dug before it's thrilling, for sure. Does being able to check it off your bucket list make it all that more exciting? I don't know. I do know that having any sort of list naturally inspires you to want to cross things off of it and every time you cross something off your list it may bring you a sense of satisfaction from accomplishing yet another goal. When coming up with my own bucket list of dream finds, the first thing to come to my mind was a gold coin. I've been talking about finding a gold coin since I first started detecting about 10 years ago. But why? Do I want to dig one because that's what society says I'm supposed to want? Is it just a mimetic desire? Do I just want to dig one because so many other people already have? Do I simply value it just because someone else seems to value it? It's natural that when you see others take pleasure in something that you would want it too. So I gave it some serious thought and determined that heck yeah I really, truly want to find a gold coin and not because of anybody else, but simply because it's important to me. So, here's the list of items I've come up with in no particular order. The top things I hope to find metal detecting, that I have yet to dig. The items that I value, that I think are just downright incredible. The things I care the most about unearthing and would just really, really love to find.

  • US Gold Coin

  • Flowing Hair Large Cent

  • 2 Cent Piece

  • 3 Cent Nickel

  • US Silver Dollar

  • Draped Bust Half Dollar

  • Love Token

  • A Class Ring (I also want to be able to return it to the original owner)

  • Lead Pencil

  • Old Spur

  • Colonial Shoe Buckle (that's not broken)

  • Colonial Cuff-links

  • Powder Flask

  • Officer's Martingale Plate

  • Rev. War USA Military Button

  • NY Militia Early General Use Button

  • War of 1812 era Artillery Button

  • No Stamp Act Button

The things that qualify as bucketlisters for me might or might not make it onto your list. What qualifies as treasure to one person sometimes is not considered treasure by another person's standards. Several of the items on my bucket list are not extremely rare or even valuable by society's standards. When coming up with my bucket list, I tried my darnedest not to consider rarity or monetary value. I didn't want to mentally limit myself. I wanted my bucket list to be an accurate reflection of what I most desire to find. So, you may notice that there are some items on my list that are going to be extremely challenging and may be downright impossible for me to ever find. And if I never dig them, it will be okay. A girl can still dream! Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Whether we do it knowingly or unknowingly we act as human magnets sending out thoughts and attracting more back. They say you attract what you focus on. If you ask the universe for what you want, who knows your dreams might actually come true. Plus, I really just felt that it was important to include both some small goals and some big goals for myself. No matter how grand or trivial one's goals are it's always rewarding to achieve them. I would love to hear about the items on your bucket list. You can leave a comment in the section below. If you don't have a bucket list, you might want to consider sitting down and writing one. You can come up with as many or as few items as you'd like. The length of the list is ultimately up to you. You just choose what's most meaningful to you. Give yourself the opportunity to realize your own dreams. I think you will find it both motivating and inspiring. I hope you have a great week!

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